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June 11, 2011 / rmekky

Baby Shower Themes

Celebrating and preparing for a baby shower party is not an easy task at all. It has so many details, however this is not the big deal. The problem is in how to make these details match each other and after all match the purpose from the party.

Most probably baby shower parties are held to welcome the new coming baby, and organized by a close friend or a family member to the share with new mum her special guest to come. So to not screw things up, the one responsible for the party should be close to the  parents to know there taste, what they like most, what they don’t like and so on.

Normally, a baby shower start by preparing Baby Shower Invitations, the parents should be included in this to fill the list of invitees. Then the organizer should be thinking of a theme for the party.

Baby shower theme will help you in ordering the invitations, setting the decorations and plan for the Baby Shower Games. Themes came in a very wide range of choices, and can satisfy all tastes, from the expensive elegant look to the simple and warm impression.

Example of what the themes should cover could be Green baby shower, where you can think of everything natural from the decorations to the presented food up to the games. another choice would be Animals or Sea Creatures. Others would like to make a Cartoon theme. again there is no wrong answer here, it is all up to the mode of the party and the personality of the parents and their guests.

Some classification include the Boy or Girl baby shower theme, so you have a Pink theme when you have a baby girl or a Blue theme for the baby boy. Monkey are good candidate for the animal baby theme for boys, while ducks and bears are most suitable for girls.

Don’t forget using the baby shower wording and poems, that could surprise the parents and leave a pleasent memory for all the party invitees. The party could be very simple but yet very touching, it can give so much joy for the parents, specially the new mum and help them welcome the beautiful member of the family they are expecting.